Boarding Rates and Information for C&M Stables

C&M Stables offers stall paddock boarding (no pasture or self care). For information about boarding a horse, please call 541-997-7540.


Overnight Boarding feed our hay $35/night
Feed your hay $30/night
Pasture Upon availability $300.00
Red Barn & Paddock – 3 Single $475.00
Red Barn & Paddock – Mini Pasture 2 stall $950.00
Out Barn & Paddock – 3 Single $475.00
Out Barn & Paddock -Mini Pasture 2 stall $950.00
Mini Barn #2 & Paddock – 2 Stalls $475.00
Mini Barn #3 & Paddock 2 Stalls $475.00
Tack Room individual $40.00
Graining Fee* You provide we feed it daily $15.00
Blanket Fee $40.00
Worm your horse** $25.00
Bring your horse in to be shod** $10.00
Hold your horse for the farrier $20.00
We clean for you daily $20.00

We provide full care boarding which includes grass hay twice daily. We clean daily and take care of water.

*We will feed your grain daily, or we can provide the grain and bill you for it.

**We can put your horse on our worming and shoeing schedule upon your request.


  1. Proof of worming once every three months.
  2. Horses feet must be trimmed or shod every eight or nine weeks, or we will have it done and bill you.
  3. Proof of 4/way shots each year.
  4. Each horse must have its own halter and, if we are graining, its own Labeled grain bin & bucket.
  5. Each boarder should visit their horse at least monthly and consult with us on any questions or concerns.
  6. All boarding fees and costs must be paid by the due date. A $30.00 late fee will be added if 15 days past due. After 30 days past due, a removal notice will be issued.

Your horse’s health and safety are our number one priority. Please bring any concerns to our attention.