C&M Stables - Florence, Oregon Coast aerial view

About C&M Stables

C&M Stables opened in the spring of 1981. We are located on the Oregon coast just north of Florence, west of Eugene, and southwest of Portland.

Over the years, there have been several hundred wonderful horses that have called C&M Stables home. We have approximately 60 horses on site today.

Our horses range in ages, from young and spunky to older and reliable. We can match most rider experience levels, and try to make sure everyone has the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible.

Today, horse-riding enthusiasts enjoy breathtaking scenic adventures along the beach and through portions of pristine forest service land.

Our wranglers at C&M Stables try to make sure that every visitor has the ride of their lifetime. The beautiful beach, sand dune and ocean setting is one of the finest horseback operations on the Oregon Coast.

To book your ride today, give us a call at (541) 997-7540. Let’s ride!